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Cansler Leaf Charcoal Stair Tread

$44.00 $71.99

**Did we sell these??  I dont see any stair treads out on the floor anymore??*** vl archived


Ah, stairs. The ingenious invention of mankind creates quite a dilemma in our homes. Outdoor steps exposed to rain and snow, four-legged family members that struggle to make it to the top, and older family and friends that swear they don't need help to the second floor, but we all know they do. Yep, these are just a few of the steps of the real-life challenge create. Luckily, Stair Treads are cost-effective and easy to install the solution you've been looking for. Built for both indoor and outdoor use, our rubber-backed treads look great while providing serious grip and traction. Stair Treads are made right here in the USA with industrial-grade materials that are stain-resistant and won't give way to rotting, mold, or mildew. Take your steps to the next level with Stair Treads.